Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise

Centre for
Health Leadership & Enterprise

Based at Cambridge Judge Business School the centre provides a platform for the 20% of school faculty engaged in health-related research. We facilitate links between faculty, MBA and research students, the wider university, the local healthcare system, and public and private practitioners to address challenges of the healthcare industry, and support the development of teaching and research capabilities and the effective translation of research into practice.

Research Update

Workload and patient treatment

People with serious ailments naturally desire immediate access to the best specialist. But as specialist care is the most expensive part of healthcare, it needs to be managed, and the process to getting the right patient to the right specialist at the right time is known as "gatekeeping". People may expect healthcare access to vary by the needs of patients, but not in a substantial way due to day-to-day changes in the workload of the gatekeeper and that has been the common assumption in healthcare literature. A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School challenges this assumption and provides evidence that gatekeeping behaviour varies significantly with the gatekeeper's workload. Read more

Latest News & Events

Forget the TV drama, it's routine care that leaves our NHS hospitals with constipation

For many lucky people who have never been hospitalised, the popular image of hospitals is a glamorous one, as portrayed on hit television shows like Casualty, Grey's Anatomy and House. Away from fictional drama, the reality is that much activity that occurs at public hospitals is not very dramatic at all but in fact usually involves routine (if painful) procedures that don't require much brainstorming, but eat up plenty of time and resources. It's the routine care that is causing constipation in hospitals, clogging up the system and leading to financial problems at even the most enlightened hospitals. Read the article

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