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International comparisons of health care systems and their performance have been produced for several decades, however the conclusions that one may drawn from these comparisons are often fraught with methodological complications. The publication of the World Health Organization report on health in 2000 marked a bold step in comparative health policy research and despite the criticism that it generated, the report has helped raise some key issues related to comparative health policy.

The Benchmarking in International Healthcare Policy Project, funded by the Nuffield Trust and based at Cambridge Judge Business School under the aegis of the Policy Futures team, will seek to address some of these issues. Dr Suzanne Wait, the Nuffield Fellow in International Health Benchmarking, is the lead researcher.

International Benchmarking in Healthcare: an Issue Paper by Dr Charlotte Sausman (pdf, 45KB)

Benchmarking: An Introduction to the Project by Dr Suzanne Wait (pdf, 14KB)

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