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Policy Futures for UK Health

About Policy Futures

The work is conducted at Cambridge Judge Business School, led by Sandra Dawson, and is sponsored by The Nuffield Trust. It aims to influence the UK health policy agenda, raise awareness of important future issues that may not be current priorities and expand thinking about future health policy challenges and solutions, enabling stakeholders to have access to materials and discussion in order to secure a robust context for policymaking and plan change for a preferred future. Engagement with governments, agencies, think tanks, universities, health authorities, provider units, professional bodies and the private sector is important as they think through the implications of different scenarios.

The importance of health to society and the economy is fundamental and growing. As a developed, ageing population we are concerned with our long-term health and well-being and as patients our expectations of the health care we receive are rising. At the same time, costs of care are increasing. This is of particular significance in the UK where so much health care is provided by the state free of charge. This gives rise to a number of debates, as yet unresolved, concerned with the role of the state in future health policy, the role of the individual and the relationship between them. Given the fundamental importance of health, it is vital to envisage the future of health and make some assessment of the impact that vision of the future will have.

Policy Futures for UK Health explores future trends and issues in UK health in order to raise implications for policy, and has covered many subjects relating to health and includes both population health and health care issues.

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