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The Policy Futures project aims to influence the health policy debate through its policy reports. They are the result of research on the future of health and are reviewed by an interdisciplinary advisory group to the project before publication by the Nuffield Trust.

Engaging with Care: A Vision for the Health and Care Workforce of England

Final Report

Visit the Nuffield Trust website to download a copy of the Engaging with Care report.

Background Papers

These background papers provide detailed analysis and support for the report Engaging With Care: A Vision For The Health And Care Workforce Of England, which will be published by the Nuffield Trust in September 2007.

The report, together with the set of background papers, provides an analysis of current policies and trends and identifies routes for future action. The report identifies trends and challenges that can help define the common ground in health and care policy, while allowing for different policy directions at national and local levels.

The intention is that all those involved in health, in their various roles as paid, informal or self carers, patients and clients, educators, service providers and citizens will be able to understand their roles and contributions and, together with the policy makers, feel empowered to influence health and care policy and practice.

Policy Futures for UK Health (2006)

Our most recent publication is Policy Futures for UK Health, published by Radcliffe Medical Publishing in 2006. It summarises trends in disease, society, environment, governance, economics and industry, projecting to 2020 where possible, and addresses a number of questions relating to the role of the state, the burden of disease, who will care, how technologies will impact or not, and what will be costs of health. It also highlights some cross-cutting themes which are central to future policy making, such as inequality, and the role of information. Visit the publisher's webpage for the book »

Future Health Organisations and Systems

As part of the project's wider process we have also produced a volume of papers, edited by Dawson and Sausman, that gives a futures perspective on the shape of the health system. This includes chapters addressing ethical issues, technology and aspects of healthcare management and effectiveness. Visit the publisher's webpage for the book »

The Future Workforce

Consultation and discussion of themes gave rise to another edited collection looking at the future workforce. Edited by Celia Davies, chapters included in this volume cover themes such as new and anticipated roles for nurses, informal care and self-care. Visit the publisher's webpage for the book »

Policy Futures for UK Health: 2000 Report

Policy Futures for UK Health (Morris et al., 2006) updated many of the trends originally set out in the Policy Futures for UK Health: 2000 Report. This summarises the findings of the environmental scan of UK health towards 2015 detailing important trends in disease, society, environment, governance, economics and industry and presents what we see as the big policy issues facing the future of UK health.

Commissioned Reports

Individual, authored reports were commissioned in ten subjects or categories that made up an "environmental scan" of UK health towards 2015 and these provided the key supporting documents for the 2000 Policy Report. The reports are available as downloadable PDF files:

Other Background Papers

As part of the recent project on public health and our current project on the care workforce, we have produced a number of discussion papers, review documents and annotated bibliographies. Some of these are ongoing and are therefore updated regularly. The reports are also available as downloadable PDF files:

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