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Optimising Teamwork

Optimising Surgical Teamwork: Why Some Teams Are More Effective than Others

Mark de Rond, Surgeon Captain M.J. Midwinter, Colonel Peter F. Mahoney

An investigation into process improvements for patient handover, team changeover and team coordination. A study in two parts:

  1. A study of team response in simulated trauma (HOSPEX and MOST)
  2. A study of team response in Camp Bastion's field hospital

Research questions being considered include:

  • Why are some surgical teams more effective than others when it comes to patient handover?
  • Why are some surgical teams more effective than others in dealing with team member turnover?
  • How do trauma teams collectively decide how to prioritise when faced with multiple casualties? Are there more or less effective ways of coordinating on tasks and responsibilities in treating these casualties?
  • How do teams respond to what they have not seen, or treated, before? And how useful is their collective repertoire of prior experience?
  • How is leadership in surgical teams exhibited, when, why and with what consequence?

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